Saturday, September 05, 2009

Upgrade to Snow Leopard

On last friday the Snow Leopard, version 10.6 of Mac OSX arrived. As mentioned in several blogs I cleaned up my system with AppFresh and Onyx, took a backup and on Saturday I started my upgrade on two Macbooks. It was a clean upgrade without any problems. It took me 1 hour per Macbook. And now we all work with Snow Leo.
Unfortunately I did no research on updates for my UMTS Express Card E3730. The kernel extension were moved to he folder incompatible applications. I copied them back to the Library/Extensions and put in my MCC .... bang ... kernel panic.
Please hold the Power button to take the system off and restart.
Well, I search the net for any solution and now I have to wait for an update. Vodafone is working on it. Damn! This could take days or weeks, worst case.

Well, the Apple Upgrade is fine. But the documentation policy of Apple seems to have some leaks. Third party providers should be able to develop updates shortly.

There is another issue. My favorite Mail plugin, GPGMail, can't be upgraded shortly because of missing documentation of Mail API.

Dear Apple Team: You created a really good upgrade and a very good OS release. But please improve your support for third-party developers.

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